How To Check Original Red Chief Shoes?

Red chief is a popularly known Indian brand founded in 1997 that produces a vast variety of shoes. The manufacturer of this company is Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd. From casual shoes to sandals and from slippers to formal shoes, they have a very versatile range of shoes that can suit many of your outfits for several events. In this article, you will learn how to check for original red chief shoes online.

Red Chief’s shoes are made of genuine leather. However, different types of leather are used in Red Chief’s shoes to make different types of shoes. This helps to distinguish the shoes from one another.

People sometimes confuse Red Chief and Red Tape together but the truth is that both of these have huge differences. Red Chief shoes are more durable. These shoes are more comfortable than the red tape shoes. Shoes from Red Tape are less sustainable and durable.

To clean these shoes one must clean them with caution because the red leather is very delicate. The red chief leather shoes must first be gently cleaned with a brush to remove any dirt or debris that has become lodged in the shoes. After that, to remove the strains, combine equal parts vinegar and water.

Steps to Check for Original Red Chief Shoes

Now knowing all these things about the red chief shoes. The question arises about the legitimacy of the shoes. So there are some key points one should remember when asked, How to check the original red chief shoes.

Check For The Leather

Red chief produces shoes made of leather only. So if you see anything that is not made of leather and has the red chief logo on it chances are that it might be fake.

Check The Box

The box of the shoes will have the logo of the company. Some of the shoes have the logo of the company printed on them.
Every authentic pair of shoes comes with an SKU number that matches the SKU number on the box.

Check The Labels

Examine the tongue label. Fake manufacturers frequently place out-of-date sizing labels on the inside of the shoe. A fake label, for example, may claim that the shoe was designed in 2019, when the brand may have first manufactured that item in 2020.

Don’t get Attracted by Heavy Discounts

Red chief shoes actually sell in very reasonable prices. So if there are any heavy discounts that you think is way too much. Chances are that it’s a counterfeit.

Always Verify Before Buying Online

If you are buying the shoes online, always verify the seller you’re purchasing the products from. To check the seller. You must first

  • See their ratings and reviews
  • Check the return policy.

Claim And Exchange Policy

The key points for the Claim and Exchange Policy of the Red Chief shoes are as follows:-

  • The claim will be approved (only manufacturing defects). It will be 100 percent in 20 days, 50% in 30 days, and 30% in 60 days. After 60 days from the date of purchase, no claim will be accepted. (Any change in materials, such as the sole or any component of the product, after 60 days will be payable by the customer.)
  • Kanpur has exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes.

Concluding the above statements, we can at least agree on one thing that red chief shoes are very durable, comfortable, and pocket-friendly. But one must always check what he’s buying before spending his hard-earned money.

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