How To Check Original Puma Shoes?

Nowadays buying a nice pair of puma original shoes can be very expensive. Sometimes people don’t buy shoes from the brand directly rather they buy it from some local shop to save money. Mostly what happens is that the shoe wears out quickly and the money goes to waste. Most of the time its because the shoe was not an original puma shoe rather it was a copy or a fake version of that same exact shoe that you looked at in the showroom.

So here are some tips on how to check original puma shoes.

1. Check For The Puma Original Logo

To check the original puma shoes, the logo is always present on the heel and the sole of the shoe,in the original shoes. In the fake version of the shoes, the logo is mostly misaligned or printed in very bad quality on the inside heel. It comes off very easily after you wear it a couple of times.

In the original pair of shoes, the logo is always molded and not printed on the inside heel. In the fake shoes or copy shoes, the logo is printed most of the time we see it.

2. Check The Puma Barcode

First of all check for the barcodes on the box and on the shoe as well. The barcode on the box is given at the side where the price tag of the shoe is. The barcode on the shoe is given on the tongue mostly. Sometimes on the inside of the shoe preferably the right side of the shoe(noticed more in the women’s shoes). If the barcodes are not present in both places (the shoe and the box), the chances are that it is a counterfeit or a faux pair. You can also verify your original puma shoes from the official website.

3. Check The Finish Of The Shoe

Big brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas, etc. These types of big brands keep their products at top-notch quality. If you see any defects in their product like a thread sticking out, excessive glue stains, bad quality sole, etc. Mostly its a counterfeit. These types of big brands never send these types of defaulted pieces in the market. Quality control rejects these types of pieces and talking about fake shoes they don’t go through such quality control tests.

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4. Check The Quality Of The Box

Big brands always give their product in a good quality box. Every time you buy a branded or puma original pair of shoes check the box’s quality and in case you’ve ordered them online the box can sometimes be a little damaged then we have to check the barcodes, if the barcodes and everything is present on the box, the box is original. In the case of fake or copy shoes, the box doesn’t usually have much printed on the outside of the box.

fake puma shoes

5. Check The Anti-Counterfeit Label

Each Pair of Puma Shoes Comes with an Anti-counterfeit Label which has 4 Colors mainly black, red, green and blue issued from Puma Headquarters in Germany to various puma shoe manufacturing factories. These different color combinations represent countries and regions. Fake puma shoes do not have this anti-counterfeit label so avoid buying such shoes.

6. Colors And Styles

Check puma’s official website and see if they ever made the shoes that you are looking at and check for all the colors and styles that they offer before you go out shopping for them, if the shoes seem a bit strange or the design doesn’t look satisfying, chances are that the shoes you have are fake, so you should just stay away from them.

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7. Prices Are Too Good To Be True

Sometimes the prices offered for the shoes could be extremely low and you never saw that shoe selling at that low price, chances are they are fake.

Whenever you’re going out to buy shoes. Check for the reviews and ratings given to them online before going out and shopping from them.

Related FAQs

How can you tell if puma shoes are fake?

On Fake Puma Shoes, the logo is mostly misaligned or printed in very bad quality on the inside heel whereas, On Original Puma Shoes, the logo is always present on the heel and the sole of the shoe.

Where are original puma shoes made?

PUMA’s 80% apparel, footwear, and accessory products are manufactured by its 123 core suppliers factories. Most of the factories are located in Asia, three in India(as mentioned in the official PUMA Global Core Factory List 2020), and only two each in Europe and America.

How do you know if a shoe is original?

The original sneakers have the logo embossed on them whereas, the fake ones have the logo glued or drawn. The difference can also be made out by observing the lace holes. Many classic models have no holes on them and the fake ones have holes on them. Check the official website if you face a problem like this.

Are Puma shoes washable?

No, the shoes are not washable but they can be cleaned using a soft cloth dampened in mild soap and cold water or a cloth sprayed by Puma Athletic Cleaner.

Is Puma made in India?

Out of 123 suppliers, India has only 3 suppliers of PUMA located in Dehradun, Karnataka, and Jalandhar (as per mentioned in the official PUMA Global Core Factory List 2020) they work on outsoles and textiles.

Can you return Puma shoes?

Yes, PUMA products can be returned in their original and unused condition to get a full refund; it offers free online returns for orders placed on their official website within 45 days of purchase.

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