How to Check Original Nike Shoes?

Nike is a brand that is very popular in the world that is well known for its amazing build quality and attractive designs. Original Nike shoes have always been a trendsetter for the people all over the world. And as they are this popular among the people in the whole world it makes them a prime target for counterfeiters. Therefore, everyone should be very careful and check before buying Nike shoes. If you are not careful while buying these shoes you might end up with a fake pair instead.

Steps to check Original Nike Shoes

Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the right and the legit Nike shoes.

1. Examine the shoe box

Most of the nike shoes comes in a very well built box, so if you ever come across a box where it is badly glued and the box is of very cheap quality. Chances are that it’s a fake shoe because most of the nike shoes doesn’t come in fake or cheap quality boxes.

2. Take a look at the state of the shoes

  • Genuine Nikes are always softer than counterfeits. This is due to the fact that they are constructed of genuine leather, whereas knockoff Nikes are made of pleather.
  • Unlike real Nikes, imitation Nikes’ midsoles often feature visible dots from the manufacturing process.
  • Examine the lacing. Genuine Nike sneakers are normally fully laced, but knockoffs prefer to leave every other lacing hole unlaced.

3. Check the barcode number

Before buying nike shoes one should always check the barcode number also known as the SKU number. Every authentic Nike shoe comes with SKU numbers on both the box and on the tongue of the shoe. So if these numbers do not match or any of them is missing, chances are that you have a counterfeit.

4. Always try to shoes on

If you are ever planning to buy a nike shoe by visiting any shoe outlet or any of the retail shops. Always try the shoe on so that you know what it feels like. If it feels a bit tight or small chances are that it is a fake. Fake nike shoes usually fit a bit smaller than your true size. Visit a trusted and authentic nike outlet and try the shoes there to get a feel of how an original pair looks like.

5. Investigate online sellers to check Original Nike Shoes

The only bane of buying nike shoes online is that you do not have the physical product. One can be easily fooled into buying a fake pair of shoes if they are not cautious enough. To avoid all the mistakes:

  • Before you buy anything, check out the website’s ratings and reviews. Bad reviews are a clear indication that the merchant is untrustworthy. However, be cautious because some sites will only display “positive” reviews. Perform a third-party search by entering the seller’s information into a third-party search engine and checking their reputation there rather than on the seller’s website.
  • Make sure you’re safe from scams. Even though the seller is a third-party vendor, several online websites offer a return policy to their clients. If you acquire imitation Nike sneakers, having the assurance that your money will be returned will protect you from losing money.

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6. Before buying online check the photos of the shoes

  • Although a stock shoe photo is more pleasing to the eye, it is not what you should be looking for when buying shoes online. A photograph taken in a home verifies that the couple exists and that its condition can be matched to the photograph.
  • You could try contacting the vendor and asking them to take another photo of the sneaker with an item that confirms the photo’s date or legitimacy. For example, request that the vendor photograph the shoe next to today’s newspaper.

7. Nike shoes labeled as “custom,” “variant,” or “sample” should be avoided.

  • View the whole inventory of the seller. Counterfeiters avoid selling US sizes 9 and 13 and higher for unclear reasons.
  • Older Nike shoes are practically never available in a full sizing run when they are no longer in production. If you’re looking for a pair of vintage Nikes and come across a site with a supply of 200, they’re probably fakes.

8. Shoes should not be undervalued

  • Nike is a company that offers very heavy discounts only on occasions like black Friday etc. So if you ever come across a pair that is heavily discounted chances are it’s a fake or a damaged shoe. If you ever want to tally the rates of the same pair of the original pairs of Nikes. You can always visit the official website of nike to check the prices.
  • Examine the shipment estimate. If your sneakers will take between 7 and 14 days to arrive, they are most likely coming from China (a known source of fake Nike shoes) or another faraway location.

9. Always look to check Original Nike shoes

  • Compare them to an image of the genuine shoe on the website of Nike or a reputable store.
  • Inquire with the seller about the authenticity of the shoes. For further details, you can also inquire about their supplier’s contact information.

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Concluding all of these points the best way to not fall for counterfeits is to shop from the official Nike website, a Nike store, or a trusted retailer of Nike.

If you ever think that you have purchased fake Nike shoes you can contact Nike by their official website and help them prevent the making and illegal trafficking of fake products.

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