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Helping Scheme For A Happy Bride – Arundhati Gold Scheme

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Arundhati Scheme launched by Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Assam state, bestows soon to be bride’s family with 10 grams of gold worth Rs.38,000. The main goal of the scheme is to help the families who are under the economical scale in the society, so that they could marry off their bride with lesser burdens by supporting financially. This could also benefit the state of government because the rate of marriages getting registered with the government would ascend.

Marriage has always played a crucial role if not a burdening aspect in one’s life especially for females, where they are expected to be bring some amount of prosperity in the name of dowry, jewelry and whatnot. Almost every parent dream to see their daughter to be delightful on her wedding day and have a gleeful life with their significant other, so it is a small help from the government of Assam in order spare the disappointment of wishing parents who cannot afford gold to their daughter’s wedding. So, the Bride of Assam state get to register her marriage and can be benefited through the scheme by applying online in the portal.

Benefits of the Gold Scheme

It is known that many governments have implemented a great scale of schemes to help women economically, legally and financially in any way they could. With that said:

  • There are so many benefits a bride could gain by registering her marriage with the government under this scheme prior a month before her marriage.
  • Arundhati scheme is one among them where it benefits the newlyweds with some financial support.
  • The scheme provides bride’s family with the gold worth of Rs.38,000 which further may help the newlyweds with their financial situation and ensures and sustains their future.
  • The scheme helps the family in the need at the time of the wedding.
  • The applicant who applies for the scheme a month prior can be benefited by the scheme.
  • Under this scheme the marriage will be authorized by The District Magistrate.
  • The amount worth of gold would be handed over to the applied party rather than the physical gold. So, this could help with their settlement at their initial marriage phase.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only the brides of Assam state to get to apply for the scheme.
  • The household which is economically meek are only eligible to apply under the scheme.
  • The applying person must show their Domicile certificate so that they could be proven the resident of Assam.
  • The applicant has to register their marriage with the government or else they are not eligible for the scheme.
  • They have to register their marriage before the deadline.
  • The bride applying must be about the age of 18 and more.
  • The marriage that is happening must their first legal marriage.
  • The eligible applicant must be a holder of bank account and are asked to provide account details, so when the time comes the money would be deposited in their given account respectively.
  • The annual income of the household must not surpass the amount of Rs.5 lakhs.

Documents Required for the Application Process

  • Any sort of Identification card, such as Adhaar card and PAN card.
  • Joint photo identification proof of married or soon to be married couple.
  • Marriage invitation card.
  • Marriage certificate provided by state government incase of applying after wedding.
  • Domicile certificate for the citizenship proof.
  • Income certificate of the household issued by Tahsildar.
  • EWS [economically weaker sections] certificate.
  • Bank account details, if possible joint account of the couple.
  • Personal details of family members and contact details.

How to Apply for Arundhati Scheme?

Online process:

  • The applicant has to open the official portal of Assam Arundhati Scheme.
  • On the homepage Department of Revenue and Disaster Management would display.
  • Then click on citizen section available here, so that you could see a drop-down list appearing on the screen.
  • There in the drop-down list select the option Apply here.
  • Then a new tab opens with the respective application form.
  • Details of the applicant and documents mentioned above are to be submitted there in the application form without folly.
  • In the end, the applicant is asked to enter the captcha code or security code number that would be provided at the bottom of the form.
  • Re-evaluate the documents again particularly and then click the submit button and it is advised to take a copy print of the submitted application for precaution.
  • After submission the applicant would receive a register number that helps them in their further notions of the scheme process so that they could know the status of their appliance.

Offline Process:

The applicant can also apply for the Arundhati scheme offline by consulting the Nagar panchayat/municipal corporation and other issued departments for registration and provide the mentioned documented records with application form and submit it to the consulted official. Then the verification of provided data would be taken place and are to be returned to the applicant if they are incomplete to fulfill them. After the verification documents are passed over to the District Welfare Officer to certify the applications. And finally, after submission of the application, the applicant will be regarded and will be notified about the further information and at time money will be deposited in the summitted bank account.


In conclusion Arundhati scheme helps a lot of families in need with their act and is beneficiary to those brides and parents. With the right usage of the facility provided by the government, people under this scheme can really set a path on their economical status and start something that is accountable for their livelihoods. It also shows that the government of Assam is considering the problems of the public and providing the scope for the future and sustaining the life of the people through such amiable schemes.

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